LSSS Students’ Invitee: Anne Bertolotti

Last week during it’s annual meeting LSSS committee settled down the schedule for the next, 2019-2020, season of the LSSS seminars.

How it usually works? Professors-representatives from each department of the section of biology provide a list of candidate speakers. This time representatives were Paul, Emi, Florian, Aurelien and Michael. Along with professors post-docs and PhD student propose two and one speaker, respectively.We had a voted list of our own candidates. Because the winner candidate (Tony Hyman) recently already gave a talk at UNIGE, committee decided to select a second speaker from our list – professor Anne Bertolotti.

The research being conducted in her lab is of great importance to the field (she has published outstanding work on misfolded proteins, proteostasis and phosphatases and their role in neurodegeneration).

Following committee’s choice, we’ve already contacted her and settled down the date for her talk: 22d of October, 2019.

Provisional title of the talk is

“Power and benefit of phosphatase inhibition, a possible treatment for degenerative diseases”.

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