This week @ CMU

We are starting a new series of posts about events and seminars happening at the Faculty of Medicine (CMU). All presented events are open to everyone. In case prior registration is needed, we will let you know. Hope you find something interesting every week!

TUESDAY (12/02)

«Fear learning across development: From risk factors of anxiety disorders to targets for intervention»
Tomer SHECHNER, Psychology Department, University of Haifa, Israël
12h15, Campus Biotech – Auditorium 190.158l

«Evaluation of metagenome taxonomic profiling methods»
Mathieu SEPPEY, PhD Student from Prof. Zdobnov’s group
12h30, CMU – Paul Boymond Auditorium (B02.2226)

«PIk1 Regulation During Mitosis in Human Cells and C. elegans Embryos»
PhD Defence of Luca CIRILLO (Gotta’s group)
14h00, CMU – J.-L. Reverdin Auditorium (B02.2526)

THURSDAY (14/02)

Inauguration of an exhibition: 120 years of Saturnalia (Geneva Student Festival)
18h30, CMU, in front of Albert Renold Auditorium (B01.2426, 1st floor)
(exhibition open till March 31st)

MONDAY (18/02)

«Bacterial Cell Remodelling by Viral Infection»
Paulo TAVARES, I2BC, Gif sur Yvette
11h30, CMU – Room E07.3347

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