LS2. (Updated)

Photo by Clément Richard

Life Sciences Switzerland society is holding their Annual Meeting in Zurich right at this moment.

In a while there’ll be the best poster and the best talk award. As soon as we know the winners, we will report them here. In the meantime have a look at our “delegates” on that meeting, master and PhD students and Post-Docs:
Kevin Assoumou (Sci), Alexandra Bondaz (CMU), Nastaran Ghahhari (Sci), Kamila Delaney (Sci), Daniel Dilg (Sci), Simona Abbatemarco (CMU), Agnieszka Dyrda (CMU), Axel Tollance (CMU), Manon Mottet (Sci), Wen-An Wang (CMU), Camille Mary (CMU), Jatinder Kaur (Sci), Antonija Sakic (CMU), Olivier Dorchies (Pharma), Dina Hany (Sci), Luca Cirillo (CMU), Clément Richard (Sci), Rita Mateus (Sci).

Hope one of them will get a prize today!

UPD: Jatinder Kaur (Stutz lab, Sciences) got the FEBS letters poster prize. Congratulations!! 🔥

Especially we’d like to note Margot Riggi, who’s making cool drawings of the speakers right on the spot:

Later on we might have some special pictures from the official photographer of the event, stud-rep at CMU and our good friend, Christopher Henry!

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