Testimony: Zurich Life Science Career Day

I wanted to send a little recommendation for a “Career day” I attended last week. Its the Zurich Life Science Career Day

I think it’s a very well done career fair. They have a lot of industry and big pharma companies as well as start ups (mainly in the Swiss german part, though) that explain their company, what kind of jobs you can do etc… Very interestingly, they had a “job wall” where companies were posting entry level positions (there were at least 50 jobs that day). They also organise usual CV checks, as well as 1:1 meetings with representatives of different companies; you can give them your CV and talk about your aspirations (for example, the next day after this meeting I was invited for an interview). So overall, a very nice fair to attend if anyone wants to go to the industry!”

Cristina Bosmani

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