This week @ CMU #2

This week there are no special events happening at CMU due to winter holidays. However, there are a few interesting seminars happening next Monday!

Monday (25/02)

‘The future in diabetes technology: will doctors still be needed?’
Prof. Saleh ADI, The Madison Clinic for Paediatric Diabetes, UCSF
12h30, CMU – A. Renold Auditorium (B01.2426)

‘Illuminating cortical circuits underlying sensory-motor processing’
Dr Daniel HUBER
16h00, CMU – J.-L. Reverdin Auditorium, 2nd floor

REMINDER: The exhibition ‘120 years of Saturnales‘ is on till 31/03.
REMINDER#2: CMUers hope to see you all at Thursday’s TGIF!

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