This week @ Sciences

Tuesday (19/02)

‘The evolution of mammalian gene expression programs’
LSSS: Henrik Kaessmann, Heidelberg University, Germany
11h, Sci-II – A150
‘Controlling microtubule functions with the tubulin code’
Carsten Janke, Institut Curie, Paris
14h, Sci-III – room 2024

Wednesday (20/02)

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 13.28.25.png
Guichard LabApero
17h, Sci-III – Guichard’s Lab

Tursday (21/02)

‘From Single Molecules to Single Cells: Imaging RNA Molecules and RNA-Protein Complexes’
David Rueda, Imperial College London
16h, Sci-III – room 3079

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