This week @ CMU

Tuesday 5/03

«Solving the cigarette problem: technology, science and policy»
Prof. Jean-François ETTER
12h00, CMU – Auditoire J.-L. Reverdin (B02.2526)

«Saving the planet because it feels good: The role of warm-glow and intrinsic motivation in sustainable decision-making»
Sander VAN DER LINDEN, Department of psychology, University of Cambridge, G
12h15, Campus Biotech – Auditorium 190.158l

«Developmental dynamics of pancreatic islet cell-type differentiation»
Maria ABATE, Prof. Herrera’s group, GEDEV
12h30, CMU – Auditoire J.-L Reverdin (B02.2526)

Wednesday 6/03

‘Gender/Sex, Sexual Orientation, and Identity are in the Body: How Did They Get There’
Anne Fausto-Sterling, Biology and Gender Studies, Dpt of Molecular and Cell Biology, Brown University
18h30, Uni Dufour, U300

«Hypothermie thérapeutique: 5000 ans d’histoire et pourtant le doute persiste…»
«Intérêt de la physiologie aux Soins Intensifs»
12h00, CMU – Auditoire A. Franceschetti (C150)

«CRISPR editing using chemically-modified crRNA:tracrRNA complexes»
Dr. Mirko VANETTI, European Application Manager – Functional Genomics (IDT)
Host : University Transgenic Core Facility, Fabrizio Thorel, Ph.D, Department of Genetic Medicine and Development (GEDEV)
11h15, CMU – Auditoire J.-L Reverdin (B02.2526)

Thursday 7/03

«Biais de genre en médecine: parlons-en!»
Journée des droits des femme: Soirée-Débat
17h30, HUG – Opéra Food
More information here (in French)

Hackaton des HUG – Soirée des Pitch
18h, HUG – Centre de l’Innovation
More information here

Friday 8/03

«Which cell populations do we target with anti-CD20 antibody therapy?»
Prof. Roland JACOBS, Dept. of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology, Hannover Medical School
9h30, CMU – Salle E07.3347

«Neutrophil breaching of venular walls in vivo: Novel concepts and regulators»
Prof. Sussan NOURSHARGH, Queen Mary University of London
11h00, CMU – Salle E07.3347.A

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