Career step: iTeam

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Phage has been contacted to tell you a few words about the programme by the faculty of Medicine. If you’re still thinking on your next career step, hurry up: this might be for you! (applications till March, 13th)

iTeams are tight research-entrepreneur groups that look for the best applications of new medical technologies.
Key things about the iTeams:
– groups of 3-5 people
– different backgrounds: scientific (med/bio/chem) and economic
– each team is mentored by an expert from the local business community.

You gain the basic tools and the necessary state of mind to join a start-up or to put your skills to go to the academy or private sector. Here you can see the best projects of the last year.

Programme speaks:
“The main objective of iTeams is to promote the translation of biomedical technologies with high potential through the collaboration between a research group and a team of young and motivated researchers,” says Guillaume Rey, innovation lead of the program alongside Dr. Vincent Wagner, coordinator of the Translational Accelerator, and a team of volunteers. “Using the expert knowledge of the inventors, each team worked on a business development plan, with the aim of exploring various ways of valorization”.

“Entrepreneurship is not a discipline that can be taught. It is acquired through experience and work on practical cases. Our desire in the framework of the iTeams program is to give students real innovation cases. In this way, they become familiar with the development of projects resulting from the Translational Accelerator, an initiative completely innovative combining academic research and entrepreneurial development”, says Professor Benoît Dubuis, President of the Inartis Foundation, in charge of ATFM.

The UNIGE iTeams are inspired by the i-Teams model first developed at MIT, later taken on by the University of Cambridge.

How to apply?

Send a short resume of your experience and a paragraph explaining why you want to join iTeams before 13 March 2019 to iTeams are open to graduate, post-graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Any field of research is eligible.

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