This week @PSLS

Monday 25/03

«Place de la modélisation pharmacocinétique basée sur la physiologie (PBPK) en médecine de précision»
Dr Youssef DAALI
12h00, CMU – Auditoire A. Franceschetti (C150)

«Neuronal circuits for goal-directed sensorimotor transformation»
Prof. Carl PETERSEN, Brain Mind Institute, Faculty of Life Sciences, EPFL
12h15, CMU – Auditoire J.-L Reverdin (B02.2526)

“Models for investigating effects of energy dysregulation on the skeletal system: new insights”
Dre Tara BRENNAN, Department of Physiology. Sydney University
12h30, CMU – Auditoire Paul Boymond (B02.2226)

Tuesday 26/03

‘Stress adaptation in eukaryotes; the role of stress-activated protein kinases’
Francesc Posas, IRB Barcelona, Spain
11h, Sci-III, A100

“Role Of FFAR1 In The Response Of INS-1E β-Cells To Glucolipotoxicity”
Lucie OBERHAUSER, theses defence
15h30, CMU – Auditoire P. Boymond, (B02.2226)

“Harnessing CRISPR/Cas9 to transiently modulate human alpha-to-beta cell conversion”
Dr. Léon van Gurp, Département de médecine génétique et développement, Faculté de médecine
12:30, CMU – Auditoire P. Boymond (B02.2226)

‘Trigger waves in cell signaling’
James E. Ferrell, Stanford University, US
16h15, Sci-III, room A100

Thursday 28/03

‘CRISPR-Cas9: Transforming life sciences through bacteria’
Weigle Lecture
Emmanuelle Charpentier, MPU for the Science of Pathogens, Berlin
17h, Sci-II, A300

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