Published Data is Trustworthy?

There are not only scientific problems for us to solve, but the problems with science itself. And only our awareness will help us to improve the environment, which we all are part of. That’s why it is great to see scientists who are not only pushing their own research, but promote the discussions on the way the science works.

This Tuesday Dr. Laura Machesky from Beatson Institute, Glasgow gives her talk on actin and signalling in cancer at Life Science Seminar Series (LSSS).

But here we’d like to introduce her co-authored article about scientific misconduct, irreproducibility and it’s effect on trust to a new scientific data.

“Changes in the way individual scientists trust each other, or the enterprise as a whole, have major implications for the future of research”

“This propagates a vicious cycle in which the search for publication impact is seen as the only goal of science”

“Interviewees agreed that there was an issue with the soundness of the scientific literature, but they clearly believed that the problem was not overt fraud (which they felt is rare and overstated) but a relaxation of rigour, driven by pressure to be visible in a competitive climate”

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