This week @PSLS

Monday 8 April
«Cell fate and axon navigation in the developing neocortex»
Dr Victor TARABYKIN, Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
11h00, CMU – Salle C07.1732

«The microbial protein-metabolite interactome reveals principles of chemical communication»
Dre Ilaria PIAZZA, Institute of Biochemistry, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich; Institute of Molecular Systems Biology, Department of Biology, ETH Zurich
11h30, CMU – Salle E07.3347

«SIRT1 in SF1 Neurons Links Light Inputs to Circadian Function in Skeletal Muscle»
Ebru ARAS, prof. Coppari’s Lab
«Altered molecular clockwork in human Type 2 Diabetic islets contributes to disrupted islet hormone secretion»
Volodymyr PETRENKO, prof. Dibner’s Lab
12h30, CMU – Salle B04.2222

«Plasticity in neurogenic competence of cortical progenitors in the developing mouse neocortex»
Polina OBERST, theses defence
14h30, CMU – Salle B04.2222

Tuesday 9 April

‘Dynamic chromatin in development’
Susan Mango Biozentrum – Basel, Switzerland
11h, Sci-III, A150

«Lost in distraction. The effects of media multitasking on adolescents’ cognitive development and well-being»
Susan BAUMGARTNER, Center for research on children, adolescents, and the media, University of Amsterdam
12h15, Campus Biotech – Salle 190.158l, Auditorium

«Genetic variation in gene regulatory networks of immunity»
Dr Guillaume REY, Gourpe du prof. Dermitzakis, Faculté de médecine UNIGE
12h30, CMU – Auditoire Paul Boymond (B02.2226)

Finale de « Ma thèse en 180 secondes »
18h00, Uni Dufour

Wednesday 10, April

«Functional organelle coupling promotes de novo lipogenesis in adipocytes»
Robin KLEMM, Group Leader, Inst. Of Molecular Life Sciences, UNIZH
11h15, CMU – Auditoire Paul Boymond (B02.2226)

Thursday 11, April

«From Off-Road to Autobahn: Overcoming Obstacles to Accelerate Protein Sample Preparation and Quantification»
Dr. John ROGERS, R&D manager MS Reagent, Thermo Fisher Scientific
10h00, CMU – Salle A04.2706

‘How to set the proper size and shape of spindles’
Jan Brugues, MPI for Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden
11h, Science II, room 352

«Exploiting inhibitory Siglecs to modulate immune responses»
Prof. James C. PAULSON, Cecil H. and Ida Greene Professor and Chair, Departments of Molecular Medicine, Immunology and Microbiology, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA
12:30, CMU – Auditoire A. Franceschetti (C150)

“Tetraspanins regulate the trafficking and membrane compartmentalization of the metalloprotease ADAM10. Implications for Notch signaling”
ERIC RUBINSTEIN, Sorbonne University, Paris
15h, Sci-III, 2024

Friday 12, April

«Immunometabolism taught by patients»
Christoph HESS, University of Basel, department of Biomedicine
11h00, CMU – Salle E07.3347

Evolution of mechanical phenotypes in proteins
Jean-Pierre Eckmann ,
12h, Ecole de Physique, Stueckelberg auditorium

«How the Adherens Junction Proteins PLEKHA7 and PDZD11 Regulate Staphylococcus Aureus α-toxin Cytotoxicity»
Jimit SHAH , theses defence
14h, Sci-III, 1S059

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