Sci-Med Soirée: May, 23

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 18.15.26.png
All info here!

Preliminary program:
18.00                Opening
18.45-19.20     Live music
19.20-20.00     Pub quiz
20.00-22.00     Disco/Karaoke
22.30                Ultimate closing and relocation somewhere else (e.g. parfumerie)

From 18.00 till gets too dark we keep number of outdoor activities: petanque/badminton/darts/beerpong/ping-pong

Price (includes unlimited drinks and food)
12 CHF – prebooking till May, 17
15 CHF – after May, 17 or at the door

To book your ticket contact
CMU: Dobrochna Dolicka (to pay through TWINT) and Marta Sousa
Sciences: Nikolai Klena, Anatoly Kozlov, Reinier Prosee
Or visit the FB event page

Open to PhDs and Post-docs. Come to reunite with students and friends of PSLS Doctoral School!


What is the goal of this event? The goal of this event is to bring together all the students and pos-docs who in some way are related to the PSLS Doctoral School. This would be your chance to talk to those people whom you usually see in the corridors rushing after their gells, not having a time for a chat; as well as to meet new people from the other labs, departments and faculties and realize that we all are pretty likable guys and girls. In summary, we call you to come to have fun and get to know each other!

Why do we have to stop the evening at 22.30? In fact all the loud activities have to be already stopped at 22.00 and we take another half an hour to wrap things up. Such are the rules of the venue. There are living blocks in the surrounding area, and they wouldn’t like to be disturbed by loud noises.

But four hours for the event, isn’t it too short? Some people won’t be able to arrive before 7! Yes and no. If we could we wouldn’t put any time limits. But this are the rules we have to comply with. But! The PhD Retreat experience tells us, that one can have a really good moments even within this time. To emphasize once again, this is not a ‘party-till-dawn‘, this an evening of social activities: a bunch of outdoor games and indoor program. So come and bring your good spirit!

What is included in the price? The price includes drinks and food. The menu is being decided right now. Don’t expect to find masterpieces of haut-cuisine. But the venue has a kitchen, so we hope to welcome you with a decent finger food and some warm and cozy tasty stuff (along with softs, beers and other drinks). We will be updating you about the menu. If you have any suggestions or want to participate in cooking, feel free to contact us!

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