26.09 An Important Day: Let’s Associate​

It is hard to underestimate the importance of student unions, associations and committees. This is the place where future leaders grow and maturate, the kind of people who are not just scientifically literate, but also have a strong position and know how to organize things and defend a point.

Coincidence or not, this Thursday (Sept 26) both biologists at the Faculty of Sciences and medical students at CMU run their PhD Assemblies.

At Sciences there going to be a mid-term General PhD Assembly that will re-capture and spin on the projects that have been already starting in a pre-summer time. Here is the approximate agenda of the evening:

– Recognition of the Association
– Career Insights
– Teaching
The Joint PhD Retreat
– Communications


As for CMU, it’s going to be the Inaugural PhD Assembly dedicated to the establishment of the first-ever PhD Association at CMU. You definitely don’t want to miss that!

This  Association will help to obtain funds for the PhD Retreat and structure all actions performed by members of the PhD School of Life Sciences affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine. Joint PhD Retreat, TGIFs at CMU, administrative issues, science- and career-related events and collaboration with students at Sciences – is the scope of this to-be-formed Association.


So whether you work in Sciences or CMU, check out your emails for the place and hurry up for your Assembly on Thursday!

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