(14/11) Career Insights

This Thursday, 14th November at 11:30 in 3079 seminar room (3rd floor) in Sciences III

Filippo Passardi, Senior Sales Representative at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Through the maze: From a Student to a Sales Representative
(with many steps in between)

Filippo is currently working at Thermo Fisher Scientific as a senior sales representative, for more than 12 years. Although it might seem that he reached some kind of stability, he will tell us his “not-so-linear” story of a student, who started his B.Sc. in biochemistry in Geneva, then did M.Sc in molecular biology and eventually was growing plants during his PhD thesis, and who had no idea that he would end up with this job!

As usual, there will be a pizza lunch with Filippo after his talk!

We hope to see many of you there!
Mateusz and Joanna
The Career Insights seminars are organised by the PhD Student Association and sponsored by the PhD School of Life Sciences

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