SMFC Ciabatta: Match tomorrow (20/11)!

If you think that ciabatta is a type of bread, are quite right, but not entirely.

FC Ciabatta is a football club that was conceived about three years ago in one of the lunchrooms of Sciences III. Every year since then we used to participate in the football tournaments organized by UNIGE. And every year it is was a spectacular drama. But all this time we were missing you, our dear supporters!

Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 15.29.48.png

We’re happy to say that this season two students from CMU joined our club. So now we can truly call ourselves Sci-Med FC Ciabatta. And though, due to the distance, I’m personally not an actual player at this point, the guys have an important match tomorrow. They are playing against the Graduate Institute. And if you wanna them to win against those international lawyers, you absolutely have to be there tomorrow and cheer for them! 🙂


It’s rue de Tir 5, be there at 20.00


– AK


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