Have you heard about SciFilmIt? No?

Every year SciFilmIt organizes film making hackathons across different Swiss cities to bring together scientists and artists.

In three (really intense) days you will need to produce a real sci-comm movie. In that, you will be working along with other scientists as well as professional filmmakers. From this hands-on experience, you will learn the basics of storytelling, science communicatoin, and movie production. Not to say that you will meet a bunch of really interesting and creative people. Sounds cool, right?

Luckily, the season is not over yet. There are at least two events coming up soon, one in Lausanne (in the end of July) and one in Geneva (end of September). Don’t miss the chance!

And just to see what kind of works are produced after these three days, join tonight for the live-stream film screening from the recent Zürich hackathon. Help us to choose the best work!

Time: 7PM CET

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