Retreat Speakers


We are excited to announce that very soon we will be able to open the registration to the retreat. So we feel it’s the perfect time to introduce our first keynote speaker: Prof. Patrick Heun (lab website: Some of us on the committee have already met Patrick and noticed that apart from being an excellent scientist, he is also a very engaging and entertaining speaker who takes a genuine interest in the work of others. In short, a great addition to our retreat and we are very happy to have him join us.

More information on speakers and sponsors of the retreat will follow – for this, check out out our twitter >>>>>>>>

We hope you’re looking forward to the retreat as much as we do. Please keep your eyes open for our next email announcing the start of the registration period!

6 Years of Winding up The Robot

Maksym Shyian                                                          
Former PhD student in the Shore lab, Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science.
Research Focus: DNA Replication (Forks).

Max4One of the nicest guys in the program, Maksym, recently impressed many of us during his thesis defense. Here, we ask him to reflect on his PhD experience – What were the highlights? How did he manage to stay sane (and so nice!)? What would he do differently if he could do it all over again? Also, he shares some tips and tricks with us on how to reach the finish line.

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