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Thursday: CMU invites Scienes!


As you see the weather on Thursday, 21 is really good, and the only thing that can prevent you, dear scientist, from going to TGIF at CMU is the east wind.
But let it not knock you out. Come with us to socialize and to make new friends.
For those who wants to go as an organized band, let’s meet at 18.30 in the hall of Sci-III. At 18.45 we’ll start moving to the rue Michel-Servet 1.
If you go yourself, contact us for the exact place.
CMU, we’re coming!

Challenging Inequalities Retreat

If you are or identify yourself with the first generation academics and/or Black/Indigenous/People of Colour/Jewish/Migrants you are welcome to participate in the Challenging Inequalities Retreat organized by the Swiss Young Academy. Through sharing you presonal experiences you’ll work towards identifying ‘systemic obstacles, which should be addressed institutionally so that inequalities and precarity in Swiss academia can be combates’.

The event will take place from Monday, 13th September 2021 to Wednesday, 15th September 2021

Place: House of Academies, Bern

The participation is free of charge.

Application deadline: 15th July 2021


Have you heard about SciFilmIt? No?

Every year SciFilmIt organizes film making hackathons across different Swiss cities to bring together scientists and artists.

In three (really intense) days you will need to produce a real sci-comm movie. In that, you will be working along with other scientists as well as professional filmmakers. From this hands-on experience, you will learn the basics of storytelling, science communicatoin, and movie production. Not to say that you will meet a bunch of really interesting and creative people. Sounds cool, right?

Luckily, the season is not over yet. There are at least two events coming up soon, one in Lausanne (in the end of July) and one in Geneva (end of September). Don’t miss the chance!

And just to see what kind of works are produced after these three days, join tonight for the live-stream film screening from the recent Zürich hackathon. Help us to choose the best work!

Time: 7PM CET

SNSF Scientific Image Competition

Feeling kinda artsy about your research or your work environment? Take part in the SNSF image contest!

Categories of the competition:

An Object of study. From the microcosm to the macrocosm, images of the research object captured by scientists using a camera or generated by a computer. // Women and men of science. Photographs of research in practice, presented by and featuring those conducting it. // Places and tools. Photographs of the surroundings in which scientists work, and of the instruments, they use while doing so. // Video loop. Chronophotography, video or animated gif, documenting some aspects of the other three categories.

Each participant may submit up to 5 entries. Winners will be awarded prizes, while their work may be used for one of the SNSF outreach events of exhibitions. More info here.

You can get inspiration from last years’ pictures on the Flickr page.