What is Philosophy of Science?

And Why Does It Matter to Scientists? We’ve asked a specialist at UNIGE (first part here)

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Professor Dr. Marcel Weber
Head of Biological Interest Group
Department of Philosophy
University of Geneva

Scientists, it seems, have little reason to care about philosophy. Isn’t this an outmoded way of trying to know things that only scientific research can reveal? Or even worse, isn’t it a form of pretentious literature written in an incomprehensible and pompous language that only masochists or experts in French or German literature would want to read? Continue reading “What is Philosophy of Science?”


When Your Lab Has to Move Out

Alessandro Stirpe
PhD student in the Schalch lab. Affilated with the Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Sciences. Now in University of Leicester.
Research Focus: Structural biology of heterochromatin; the role of ubiquitination in chromatin regulation.

canva-photo-editorIt’s not uncommon in science for professors to move their lab from one university to another. That’s what happened recently to the lab of Thomas Schalch. But what do the other members of the lab do in this case? We’ve contacted Alessandro Stirpe to comment on his situation. Few months ago we all saw him at the Uni Mail stage taking part in Don Giovanni piece. And now he is doing his experiments in Uni  Leicester, UK. What happened in between?

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6 Years of Winding up The Robot

Maksym Shyian                                                          
Former PhD student in the Shore lab, Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science.
Research Focus: DNA Replication (Forks).

Max4One of the nicest guys in the program, Maksym, recently impressed many of us during his thesis defense. Here, we ask him to reflect on his PhD experience – What were the highlights? How did he manage to stay sane (and so nice!)? What would he do differently if he could do it all over again? Also, he shares some tips and tricks with us on how to reach the finish line.

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Drawing the Science

Margot Riggi
Former PhD student in the Loewith lab, Department of Molecular Biology, Faculty of Science
Research focus: TOR Complex 2 and Plasma Membrane Homeostasis.

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-18 at 08.52.52Who doesn’t know Margot? No-one of course, as she is the muse of the program! Also, she has created the amazing logo of our newborn portal. Therefore we couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk with her about her hobby. Check it out!

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Reviviendo a Humboldt

Carlos Rivera-Rivera
Former PhD student in the Juan I. Montoya-Burgos lab, Department of Genetics and Evolution, Faculty of Science
Research focus: Methods and processes that lead to the emergence of biodiversity.

Screenshot from GOPR0182.MP4

A former president of the BioPhD student association and just a great guy talks about his ongoing project: An Instagram photoblog full of nature’s wonders, called Reviviendo a Humboldt

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